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You can rest assured that your new site is in good hands. We manage, install and keep all our sites up-to-date. White Sands Web Design and Development offers three different levels of hosting and management, each with it’s own features. If you don’t need all the bells and whistles you can always consider going with our basic plan, which is still a very comprehensive solution for your web needs.

*Our hosting plans are optional, and you can always go with one of our (recommended) providers for your hosting needs.

Hosting Plans:

Basic Plan


or $160/year

Advanced Plan


or $230/year

Comprehensive Plan


or $320/year

Domain Forwarding

WordPress Installation

Managed Website Hosting

E-mail Support

Initial WordPress Tutorial

Installation of Anti-Malware Plugins

E-mail Autoresponder Configuration

E-mail Forwarder Configuration

Basic Search Engine Optimization




SQL Databases (WordPress Sites)




Disk Space

500 MB

1 GB

2 GB*

Monthly Bandwidth

1 GB

2 GB

3 GB*

WordPress Plugin Updates

Once per Month

Once per Month

WordPress Version Updates

Once per Month

Once per Month

Google Analytics Installation




Email Accounts




FTP Accounts




* If you need more disk space, e-mail accounts, FTP accounts, bandwidth or SQL databases/Wordpress sites under the Comprehensive plan, the rate of $27.99/month or $320/year can be increased to allow for more space as needed. Please contact us for details.

To inquire about hosting contact us today!

Content Management Plans:

While you will be able to update and manage your own website through Wordpress and with the help of our website tutorial (providing you elect one of the hosting plans above) you also have the option to allow the White Sands Web team to update your website at your request.

We also offer content management plans for our busy clients. Simply write up your content in your favorite Word doc, e-mail it to us and we will add it to the site for you! Content under these plans include adding and aligning all photos, YouTube videos, blogs, page text, navigation items and styling text on any of the main editable parts of the Wordpress site.

Note that these plans are completely optional - we will be happy to provide an independent quote for any additional work to the website if you elect not to go with one of these plans.

Content Level 1


Content Level 2


Content Level 3


Update Site Content

Once per month

Twice per month

Four times per month

Addition of New Shopping Cart Items

Addition on Non-YouTube Videos

Editing of Fields in Contact Forms

**All Content Management Plans require a 6-month minimum down-payment. A single content update is limited to a maximum of three new pages or blog posts per update. Content updates to existing pages are not limited in this manner.

Other Hosting Options

If you do not wish to purchase one of our hosting and management plans above you are free to look into purchasing basic website hosting from one of our recommended vendors below. We find that these vendors are optimal for running WordPress sites and also have excellent customer service and support. They have a good track record for hosting sites and are leaders in the industry.

No matter which vendor you choose for hosting we are happy to install WordPress and upload your new site to your host of choice, providing your vendor of choice is compatible with WordPress. However, if you elect not to go with one of our hosting and management plans we will need to tackle any WordPress upgrades, plugin updates, malware cleanup projects and/or host-related site issues as an extra service and on a first-come, first-serve basis.